HidemyAss or VyprVPN – whats better?

hidemyass1HideMyAss or VyprVPN – Which is Better? VyprVPN and HideMyAss are a couple of the best known products in the marvyprvpnketplace for supplying seclusion and internet security. Virtual Private Network (VPN) services operates and offer customers the capability to secure individuality and their internet connection, together with the means to work around geographic and internet censorship limitations.

So which may be the best complete?


In regards to an immediate cost comparison, VyprVPN bills only $6.67 per month for its most fundamental bundle, $8.33 per month for its Guru bundle and $10 per month for the most innovative bundle, when users subscribe for a complete year. But those costs go up to $9.99, $14.99 and $19.99 respectively when charged monthly.

HideMyAss, on the flip side, has only one complete bundle, which clients can subscribe to for different durations of time. A one month subscription costs $11.52, a six month subscription prices $49.99 ($8.33 per month) while a one year subscription is $78.66 ($6.55 per month).

VyprVPN provides a free three day trial, while one month money-back guarantee is offered by HideMyAss. Despite the fact that the fundamental VyprVPN bundle, on a yearly subscription, is not expensive, it comes out as more expensive subscription but lacks a firewall, just supports PPTP encryption.


VyprVPN and HideMyAss each supply support to get a variety of different encryption protocols and OpenVPN. This helps to ensure that internet connections are protected from malicious threats and both services also confuse their customers‘ IP addresses, shielding their identity along the way.

Nevertheless, VyprVPN has an important security flaw despite being enrolled as a Swiss corporation, in that the IP addresses of theircustomers actual place is in America. What this means is it is subject retention laws. The business shops user will not use common IP addresses, logs for 30 days and happen to be proven to react to DCMA requests.

HideMyAss isn’t protected from a number of the problems that are same, it is located in the uk and is subject to UK data retention laws . Partial user logs are maintained and may be given to authorities even though the service does use dynamic common IPs, which gives users an element of deniability if requested.


HideMyAss emerges as the greater choice for the majority of users, because of how it runs a pricing strategy that is better and utilises the most effective encryption techniques on its most affordable bundle. VyprVPN’s pricing strategy is towards the high-priced close of the marketplace, unless the full one year subscription is committed to by users, as well as encryption support has been restricted by the fundamental bundle

Both VPN services possess some problems when it comes to user security, as law requires both to maintain user logs. Nevertheless, VyprVPN doesn’t use common IPs and has a stronger standing for conceding data to the authorities, significance users don’t have any credible deniability.