Hide My Ass VPN


A virtual private network (VPN) allows a private network to extend across a public network. For example VPN’s can allow employees to access a businesses intranet out with the office on a secure connection. Any website that is visited by a user is stored in internet history and if someone is spying on the network they will be able to access this information easily if there is not an encryption. There are a number of VPN providers available including HideMyAss.com. This provider has been running since 2005 and was initially part of the business Privax in the US.

Now a days with so many hackers and spy’s stealing identities by monitoring what is happening on line VPN’s are becoming increasingly more important.

Any applications which use an internet connection will be hidden from prying eyes, this feature is especially useful if a connection is required through a hotspot or a network which isn’t secured. The best part is no experience is required as VPN’s are easy to set up and install. With at least 59,000 IP’s HideMyAss provides these services to 62 countries including the UK, US, Canada and India.

HideMyAss offers a number of features including pro VPN, IP PORT proxy lists, free web proxy, anonymous email, privacy software, file upload and anonymous referrer. The free web proxy works inside the browser allowing the user to hide their identify and browsing history.

The pro VPN feature also offers further security on the existing internet connection. The software works with all applications, HideMyAss is available on Windows and Mac platforms as this is the case they are reaching out to a particularly wide market.