Is HMA secure after the Lulzsec issue?

HideMyAss has become the largest name in the whole VPN business for the past few years plus it still is now. Is HideMyAss the most well-known VPN supplier in the world, but it’s also the among the greatest VPN networks that’s the reason why it’s frequently the favorite option to get a VPN support.

Jack Cator on 2005 set up HideMyAss. Then, HideMyAss was found by Cator as a proxy server. Privax Ltd, a worldwide leader in seclusion options, for a decade managed HideMyAss. In May 2015, AVG Systems purchased Privax Ltd including the HMA! Professional VPN applications. We need to see whether there’ll be modifications to the VPN support as a result of its AVG acquired its parent company .

For the time being, we are going to demonstrate now, what makes HideMyAss among the top VPN services. In this essay, we are going to detail the many attributes which can be loaded on the HMA bundle. By the end of the critique, the inquiry will be answered by us, is HideMyAss a VPN service that is trusted?

HideMyAss Log and Privacy Policy

How important is privacy to HideMyAss? The VPN support doesn’t promise to not gather info. HideMyAss is definitely see-through as shop and to the type of info it gathers. In accordance with HideMyAss‘ plan that was logging, payment details, specific private information as well as other information are gathered and kept for a time period.

The data gathered are as follows:

  • Link time (start and stop)
  • Bandwidth utilization
  • Internet Protocol address used (real and server-ip)

Such tips are gathered just for technical functions including operation of care as well as the company. Data gathered are additionally used for prevention and fraud-detection. HideMyAss has additionally made headlines when it was concerned in the hacking situation that transpired in June 2011. HideMyAss supposedly exposed hacker. HMA allegedly joined forces with investigating services to find signs of the wrong-doings of LulzSec.

HMA stated all information being gathered are saved on the risk-free VPN servers of the firm. Info that was stored are stored for 3 and between 2 months. Since the VPN support relies in London, hMA operates in accordance with English law.

HideMyAss Compatibility and Usability

hidemyass-devices-600x210HideMyAss enables technically-inclined customers, both typical and anybody to readily use its topnotch VPN support. It is really not too difficult to set up the VPN applications – environment HideMyAss in your apparatus up should only take about 10-20 minutes. The consumer program has a cool feature known as the „Protected IP Binding“ which essentially an extra level of protection to VPN customers.

HideMyAss subscribers may obtain the VPN program to ease fast-set up plus one-click VPN accessibility. Operate the VPN program, enter log-in credentials subsequently link into a VPN server of your choice once the VPN software is installed in your pc. HideMyAss additionally has a program for mobile phones.

HideMyAss is suitable for Linux, Mac OS-X, iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows -based devices. HMA servers help all major safety protocols including PPTP, Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol and Open VPN. The amounts for the different VPN protocols change. 128bit encryption is used by pPTP, Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol with OpenVPN and 256bit uses OpenSSL with Blowfish, AES, RC-5 and algorithms 3DES .

HideMyAss Price of Special and Subscription Offers

Without compromising the attributes HideMyAss has created its VPN intends more cost-effective. HideMyAss calls its 1-month of VPN support as the kick ass strategy. This VPN program costs $11.52 monthly. HalfAss, HMA’s 6-month plan can be obtained for just $8.33 monthly. Subscribers of the Half Ass strategy will save 30%. HideMyAss has cut back on its 1-yr strategy to the cost. The Smartass strategy now charges $78.60.

Added promotions are additionally offered by HideMyAss from time to time. Different promos are consistently kicked off with by hMA all through the entire year including Specific Xmas offers, Blackfriday deal and Summer revenue. Look out for the large-economy sale promotions.

HideMyAss has A – 30-day money-back guarantee which functions as the VPN test that is free also.

HideMyAss Availability and Server Places

HideMyAss has more than 870 870 servers positioned in 320 places in 200 nations. The VPN support also retains including new servers every so often. There are about 117,770 ip to keep customers anonymous from the web. Read more on VPN on Techcrunch.

With 409 lively as of the writing the amount of HideMyAss servers can be found in The United States. Servers have been in Europe, Asia has 6-8 servers, Central America h AS 6, Africa has 52, Oceania has South America with 14 HMA servers and 26. The hosts can be found in important nations all around the globe such as the United States, Canada, Mexico, Great Britain, Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Russian Federation, Sweden, China, Hong-Kong, India, Japan, Australia, Nz, Costa Rica, Panama, Argentina, Brazil, Egypt and Morocco among others.

To begin to see the complete list of HideMyAss servers, visit with HideMyAss‘ server page.

HideMyAss Pace and After-Sales Support

HideMyAss promises to supply secure and rapid VPN connections . HMA has added a unique attribute to their VPN program that lets users check which hosts will give you the quickest connections for your place and analyze different servers. That is really a good feature that allows customers discover the best server that can supply them the greatest rates for streaming High Definition videos and downloading big files.

As far as customer service can be involved, HideMyAss does supply all of the necessary methods to aid its subscribers with a variety of concerns. HideMyAss has an extremely wide-ranging Knowledge Base that addresses the most frequently asked queries, instructions and tutorial guides. In the event the subscribers can not locate the solutions they’re searching for, HMA also has other assistance methods including a live-chat feature that is available 1 2 hrs a day, assistance ticket, social media and via the Message Board where skilled HMA users are prepared to aid the others with their problems and issues with the VPN service.

HideMyAss UK Evaluation Decision

HideMyAss‘ VPN merchandise is actually a state of the art technologies that’s broadly understood and understood by many as among the VPN services that are top ever. And we consent to the bulk of VPN customers – HideMyAss has the technology to conceal your ‚idiot‘ to the www.

HideMyAss is a VPN support that is remarkable – and it retains customers happy by supplying quality VPN gets that guarantee solitude and anonymity. In spite of the lacking characteristic of torrenting for blocking access to torrent sites that are popular, HMA continues to be a VPN service that is favorite.

But come to consider it, HMA is located in the United Kingdom which signifies the VPN business is obligated to abide to the Data Retention Directive. It leaves us to wonder whether HideMyAss is a reliable VPN support which will conceal us from cyber-threats along with from the prying eyes of the government? It certainly comes down to HideMyAss‘ commitment to supporting consumers become almost anonymous. Then users could be ensured of their secrecy in the event the VPN business remains true to its obligations and guarantees. Otherwise, then users might not be as secure as they believe.