Strong VPN


Strong VPN has very high demands on the speed and security of their networks. In over 20 countries, the company operates 380 server and provides its customers this way more than 10.9000 IP addresses.

Your privacy and the protection of privacy are indeed very top in terms of the priorities of Strong VPN, but to improve safety reasons and to their own service, the company will still known as providers logs. The place and time of connection establishment, the bandwidth used and the duration of the session is recorded and documented here. User activities are not pursued. Therefore is not documented, which pages are visited by customers and so on. More info about StrongVPN is on Its in spanish – but you can easily understand what they say if you use Google Translate.

Strong VPN offers no completely anonymous payment n the user can only select between money orders, checks, and Google Checkout, PayPal and Credit Card.

Regarding the speed of the VPN access, so this entirely by the distance to the server and used to own Internet speed is off. The greater the distance to the selected server, the slower the connection runs. There are extra speed tests that are available on the website of Strong VPN. In this manner, the best location is found for the server.