10 Cheap Altcoins For Speculation And Gambling

The best altcoins list of very speculative coins to gamble with digital crypto currencies as an Altcoin insider tip. These crypto coins are suitable for speculators and gamblers with high risk appetite, because they allow increases in value of 1,000% or more.

The Bitcoin boom is currently flooding the markets of all crypto currencies with fresh money. As the Bitcoin price is at an all-time high and there are many known Bitcoin issues, the money is moving to alternative coins called Altcoins. Of course also because the constantly new investors in the market are looking for alternative investments in order to achieve higher profits.

That’s why the emerging Altcoins currently have the highest value increases. As a risk-averse investor, you should therefore necessarily consider this list of cheap gambling altcoins to speculate on an Altcoin stock market.

Such coins will be usable in crypto casinos and on betting sites if they should survive and get established in the field. Check http://www.bestbitcoinbetting.com/ to see which coins are accepted so far.

Cindicator (CND)

The Cindicator is a software as a service solution with hybrid artificial intelligence solution for effective asset management. The goal is to strengthen artificial intelligence financial analysis and to develop products for the classic capital market and the cryptocurrency market. Of course, the software is paid for with the Cindicator Coin.

Dentacoin (DCN)

The Dentacoin wants to become a data standard for dentists. Thus, the Dentacoin is the first blockchain concept developed for the global dental industry. The Dentacoin ERC20 Token can be used by anyone in the industry. Dentacoin has set itself the goal of improving dental care worldwide and making it affordable for the masses. Numerous Blockchain based tools are currently being developed and implemented.

Bonpay (BON)

Bonpay from London offers a credit card for bitcoins and other digital currencies. Offered are crypto wallets and a plastic card.

Dent (DENT)

The Dent Coin wants to become a unit for bandwidth for smartphones. This will create a marketplace for data volumes between mobile phone owners and telecommunications companies, where you can dynamically buy bandwidth for your smartphone. The home market is South America. Especially in emerging and developing countries, the market for data volume is huge, as many countries do not have fiber optic networks and simply surf directly with their mobile devices

Electroneum (ETN)

Electroneum is a mobile cryptocurrency that is easy to use and designed to be used by APP. All 2.2 billion smartphone users worldwide are addressed. With the app you can easily manage online funds, send and receive payments via QR code. Furthermore, every user can use Coin Handy Mining.

CampusCoin (CMPCO)

The CampusCoin is a digital currency for students. The startup aims to bring together students, students, teachers, universities, and distributors of books and other lesson materials with a base currency and marketplace.

Sportify (SPF)

The Sportify Coin wants to revolutionize athlete finance and get established in sports betting. There is a very promising roadmap, a big team with athletes from South America as supporters and a nice name, I think.

Streamr (DATA)

The Streamr Coin has the abbreviation DATA and is for the use of data services and streaming services. Thus, the coin is suitable for example decentralized postal system or for the management of Internet bandwidths.

Kubera (KBR)

The Kubera Coin from Laos wants to become a gaming platform and exchange for the Asian region. Still very cheap.

ToaCoin (TOA)

The ToaCoin is a simple cryptocurrency designed for the travel industry. The coin is currently still very cheap and has barely developed.

Also check what insiders on bitcointalk say.

Investment strategy for very cheap coins

For the cheap Altcoins you should consider the following Altcoin strategy tips:

  • Only cheap Altcoins are chosen because they are so cheap that they can actually only rise in the current market environment.
  • Although the altcoins are cheap, they should have a blockchain technology that will solve a real problem.
  • The respective concepts should have a large team with many developers and big investors.
  • The coins have a high trading volume, so many traders are active on the coin.
  • The high single title risk is reduced by diversification into several Altcoins (diversification).
  • After doubling the price (100% increase), 50% of the coins are sold and reinvested.
  • Very high increases are possible, because more than 1000% in a few days were not uncommon in the past.

The best Bitcoin and Altcoin exchanges

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There are many Bitcoin marketplaces and Altcoin exchanges, however, it is important that the marketplace operates quickly and has low trading fees. Furthermore, the stock market should have a high trading volume and good coins. Therefore, we have compared only the best Bitcoin trading exchanges:

kucoin.com – This Altcoin Exchange from Hong Kong exists since August 2017 is fast and has its own Trading Coin (Kucoin Shares) with dividend payments. The service currently has 136 coins on offer. Users can vote on new coins (vote for coins). Therefore, you can only find coins with good business models and a quality team regularly removes dubious and negatively charged coins. [0.1% fee]

binance.com – This bitcoin exchange from Tokyo has very low fees, currently 145 coins on offer and is the largest provider in the world by volume. The site is fast and available in German. With the own trading coin (Binance Coin) you can trade 50% cheaper. Registrations are disabled to prevent the stock market from growing too fast. There is an app for smartphone and desktop. [0.05-0.1% fee]