Vypr VPN


A VPN or Virtual Private Network ensures privacy when browsing the net, by masking the IP location, and thereby keeping the location private. A VPN prevents the ISP (Internet service provider) from monitoring or controlling the browsing activity, and helps protects user from various cyber risks that come by revealing their location.

VPNs work by assigning a different IP than the one provided by the ISP. Golden Frog’s VyprVPN offers more than 200,000 IPs in over 700 servers, in MS-Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS platforms.

The Vypr VPN offering comes in three packages: basic, pro and premier, with varying options, and flexible tenure ranging from one month to 12 months. All plans come with unlimited downloads, unrestrained speed, unlimited server switching options, unlimited P2P and filesharing, and 256-bit key encryption security. You can compare VyprVPN with other providers on this site.

The basic plan has one connection, the pro plan has two connections, and the premium plan has three connections. The pro and premier offering comes with NAT firewall. The basic package offers PPTP protocol. The pro and premium package offers openVPN and L2TP/IPSec protocols as well. There is also a business plan, for multiple users.

A significant highlight is “Dump Truck,” or the free secure online storage offered to every vyprVPN user. Basic users get 10 GB of free storage, pro users get 25 GB of free storage, and premium users get 50 GB of storage. More in this review.

A noteworthy feature of VyprVPN is that the company owns and manages all its servers, unlike others who may choose to outsource some or all of their offerings. Golden Frog hosts 32 servers in 29 different countries, including USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Portugal, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Roumania, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Czech Republic, Poland, Turkey, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, and Malaysia. Users may switch between any of these serves any number of times.